Along with trims, carpet, paint, and other decor, doors help set the tone for a house. Doorways also create perfect frames for showcasing the warmth and beauty of natural wood.

Several details separate Trustile doors from other doors. Primarily, Trustile uses top-quality woods, placing a higher value on the architectural appearance of their stock, rather than working their wood for door yield as most other manufacturers do. Trustile's door designs range a broad spectrum from classic shaker styles to ultra-modern designs featuring kerf reveals.

Fresh, beautiful doors are a great way to give character to a home's interior. Just call us and ask and we'll be happy to talk with you about all the benefits of a Trustile door.

Trustile doors are all built using traditional stile-and-rail construction, which allows for customization not available for molded skin doors: for example, in standard designs, any panel can be replaced with glass. Trustile doors are all solid construction with engineered lumber stave cores to provide stability and reduce movement from water absorption.

In addition to standard butt hinges, Trustile offers concealed hinges on 1-3/4" and thicker doors. When ordering concealed hinges, the doors and jambs are precision-machined to receive the concealed hinges, rather than traditional butt hinges. When the door is closed, the hinges are invisible, putting the color and character of the door on full display without any interruption.

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