Combinations of awnings, casements, picture windows, and even special shapes are available to fit any opening you can think of. As for doorways, Sierra Pacific also offers many different door systems, such as sliding and folding door systems, to complement your windows.

Sierra Pacific interior wood species

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Even though windows are meant to be seen through, they make an important statement about the home before anyone even goes inside. And for the people living there, it is important to have a window that performs well and stands the test of time against the elements. With the intense sunlight we get in Hawaii, it's important to not only have a window that can let light in, but also keep the heat to a manageable level.

Sierra Pacific Windows check all of the boxes with their premium aluminum-clad wood windows. These windows offer residents the beauty of a wood window on the inside with a contemporary, durable outside appearance for visitors. Seirra Pacific Windows aluminum exteriors are powder-coated for a strong, even coat of color that holds up for many years with no fading, even in harsh coastal environments that robs lesser paints of their color in short order. On the inside, many wood species are available in different finishes ready for enjoyment - or they may be ordered unfinished and stained to fit your specific needs.