Island Contractors Supply

We're proud to offer Monumental Window and Door products to our customers. All-aluminum windows and doors are sturdy, sleek, and highly contemporary - perfect for homes with cutting-edge aesthetics. Click to browse their site.

Island Contractors Supply is a supplier of building materials to contractors and developers exclusively serving the Hawaiian Islands. Mike Johnson, partner and founder, wanted to create a business focused on our relationships with our customers and suppliers. Our customers know and value us as a critical component of their business. They depend on us to find them very specific products they cannot obtain or simply do not trust getting elsewhere: this is where we excel beyond our competitions' capabilities. We have the knowledge and resources to procure a vast array of specialty material that is in high demand in Hawaii. As we believe business is built on relationships, we have made this idea our company motto and guiding principle. Following this principle, we strive to be our customer's solution before there are problems.

Sierra Pacific Windows combine the timeless beauty of wood with the strength of aluminum. They are available in myriad configurations to meet whatever demands their application has. Click here to learn more.

There are many choices for interior doors. For projects that require doors of a higher standard, we recommend Trustile doors.

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